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Fellow Magazine

Once upon a time, Bre' Graziano, founder of Fellow Magazine, and Shauna Lott, founder of The Long I Pie Shop, were sitting at Avery Brewery in Boulder, CO drinking Reverends and dreaming up big dreams together.   A few months and many late nights later, both were launching those dreams at the Fellow Magazine launch party on a sweltering day in June 2013.  

photo by Jarrod Rennaud.  

photo by Jarrod Rennaud.  

Fellow Magazine is a collaboration of kindred hearts yearning to see Denver’s creative community flourish. Each quarter, Fellow will release a beautifully crafted lifestyle journal, online and in print, featuring the voices and craft of Denver’s own. In community, collaboration, and friendship, Fellow looks forward to bringing Colorado curated gatherings and stories of the artisans who make it great.  They will be publishing their first magazine in print in December of 2013 with contributors and vendors such as Happyolks, Beet & Yarrow, Our Mutual Friend Brewery, Stitch & Hammer, Winter Session, Western Daughters Butcher, The Long I Pie Shop, and many, many more.  Keep your eye out for Fellow Magazine.  They will be doing beautiful things inspiring and supporting the creative community in Denver.